• Representative Director and Chairman, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Shinji Kimura

    Graduated from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo. Joined the Dream Incubator Inc. Founded Atlantis Inc. (now Glossom Inc.), and then sold the business to GREE, Inc. in 2011. Became a Representative Director of Gunosy Inc. in 2013 and retired in 2014. Established Anypay Inc. in 2016, and director from May 2018. Became a Director of Gunosy Inc. in August 2017 and Representative Director and Chairman, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in June 2020.

  • Representative Director and President

    Yuya Taketani

    Graduated from the Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering of the School of Creative Science and Engineering of Waseda University. Joined GREE, Inc. and then Gunosy Inc. In August 2013, became COO of the Company, Representative Director and COO in August 2016, Representative Director and CEO in August 2018, and then Representative Director and President in June 2020.

  • Director and CIO

    Yuki Maniwa

    Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Joined Goldman Sachs Japan in 2005. Joined Coubic Inc. and then Gunosy Inc.  in Oct. 2018 and became a Director of Gunosy Capital Inc. Became Director and CFO in August 2019.Became Director and CIO in August 2022.

  • Director

    Kentaro Nishio

    Graduated from the Tokyo Metropolitan University. While in school, co-founded Labit Inc. and became Representative Director in 2013. Transferred of business to Recruit Holdings subsidiary. Founded Game8 Inc. and Representative Director at present. Joined Gunosy Inc. in 2015 by M&A. Operating officer of Media Business Division from September 2018. Director of the company in August 2020.

  • Director

    Masaaki Nose

    Joined KDDI Corporation in 2003, At present, the LX Strategy Manager of the company's Business Creation Division and serves as an outside director of Connehito Inc. He has a wealth of experience and insight regarding Internet media, advertising business, and management. Became a director of the company from August 2023.

  • Outside Director

    Suguru Tomizuka

    Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. (now Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.) in 1988. Served as Corporate Officer and Representative Director of Recruit Holdings groups and engaged in internet media business and management. In 2018, founded Tommy Inc.  At present, Representative Director of Tommy Inc. and Poket Culture Co., Ltd., Outside Director of eole Inc.  In August 2018, became an Outside Director of Gunosy Inc.

  • Outside Director

    Junichi Shiroshita

    Joined Boston Consulting Group in 1993. Joined Morgan Stanley Japan (now Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.) in 1998 and served as Managing Director. Served as Managing Director of Bain Capital Japan, Director of Toys"R"Us-Japan, Ltd., Vice Chairman of Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Company, Limited, Investment Banking Department, Representative Director and Chairman of Rothschild & Co Japan. Has held key senior positions in financial institutions and has abundant experiences and insights in the fields of finance and capital markets. In August 2018, became an Outside Director of Gunosy Inc.


  • Outside Director

    Hirokazu Mashita

    Joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. in 1991. Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University Fuqua School of Business in 1996. Served as Director of HIKARI TSUSHIN, INC. and Representative Direcotr of e-machitown Co., Ltd.  Founded m&s partners Pte.Ltd. In 2013 and Director at present. Has experiences of global management and investments both in Japan and overseas.  In August 2018, became an Outside Director of Gunosy Inc.

  • Outside Director

    Lei-Isabelle Nakao

    Joined UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd. in 2007. Later worked at Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. and BNP Paribas Securities (Japan) Limited before rejoining UBS Securities Japan, and served as General Manager of Corporate Sales Department, Fixed Income Division, and Executive Director of Financial Products Department, Global Markets Division. Active in promoting women's participation in society and diversity and has abundant practical experience in the financial industry and knowledge of the financial market in general. At present, an advisor to GA technologies, Inc. In August 2021, became an Outside Director of Gunosy Inc.

  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member

    Masakazu Ishibashi

    Graduated from the Language and Culture Department of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Tokyo. Served as an Executive Officer at Square Co., Ltd., Orega Inc. and Atlantis Co., Ltd. Joined Gunosy Inc. and in August 2013, became a Director. In August 2016, became a full-time Corporate Auditor.

  • Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member

    Kenji Shimizu

    Joined Showa Ota & Co. (now Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC), Ozawa & Akiyama and Takeichi Law Firm, and then became independent. Currently a lawyer at Shimizu Law Firm. In 2013, became an Outside Corporate Auditor of Gunosy Inc.

  • Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member

    Kengo Wada

    Joined Asahi Audit Corporation (now KPMG AZSA LLC) in 2000. GCA Corporation in 2006, and then became the representative director of AIPartners, Inc. in 2015. At present, became an outside auditor of ZIGExN Co., Ltd. an outside auditor of Alue Co., Ltd. and an outside auditor of Cloud Ace, Inc.Became an Outside Corporate Auditor of Gunosy Inc.