Setting “Optimally deliver information to people around the world” as its corporate philosophy, the Company engages in the development and operation of media such as information curation services called Gunosy, News Pass, LUCRA etc. as well as the media and advertising technology business through these media. In the information curation service, we collect information based on certain standards from the enormous volume of information on the Internet and deliver it. The Gunosy Group collects and organizes information not manually, but by using AI technology including algorithms to deliver the information required by users.


Recently, the volume of information distributed has been increasing sharply due to the rapid development of communications infrastructure and the dissemination of smartphones and social networking services, among other factors. However, the volume of information that users are able to view (consume) is limited, and this results in a phenomenon where people are not getting the information they need.


In this environment, Gunosy, an information curation service provided by the Group, analyzes and learns the interests and concerns of users through machine learning using algorithms from the enormous volume of information on many news sites and blogs, etc., focusing on the three points of completeness, promptness and personalization, and delivers the information users need. The Group also develops and operates News Pass and LUCRA, an information curation service, based on an alliance with KDDI Corporation. With News Pass, the Group provides services by taking advantage of broad-based contact points with customers of KDDI Corporation, in addition to the information delivery logic and app operation expertise of the Group.


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The Group increases user numbers through information distribution by media services such as Gunosy, and amasses data on their interests and concerns. The amassed qualitative data of the users, such as their interests and concerns, enable us to identify target users who are interested in products and services of the Group’s customers. The Group then provides its customers with advertising products using these data, taking note of these strengths. To enable the display of highly cost-effective advertisements, the Group also improves the advertising products on a daily basis. In addition, the Group works to establish a position as an information platform in smartphones by expanding the areas of information to distribute, acquiring more users, increasing advertising revenue and expanding new revenue bases.

  1. 1.Advertising Delivery
    “Gunosy Ads” is an advertising product that the Group provides to advertisers, and advertisers are able to post their advertisements on Gunosy. Gunosy enables advertisers to deliver advertisements with strong affinity with their products and services using the user data that are uniquely amassed by Gunosy (articles browsing the history and categories of interests and concerns registered by the users, etc.). Advertising revenue is earned from advertisers by charging their advertisements according to CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per Mille). The Group also gains advertising revenue by delivering advertisements on other media it operates.
  1. 2.Ads Network
    The strength of the Group is analyzing users’ interests and concerns and learning them every day. We believe that the data amassed through the analysis and learning will increase the effect of not only advertising delivery on the Group’s Gunosy service, but also advertisements on other media. From this perspective, we have built Ads Network (a system for delivering advertisements in blocks by bundling multiple media with the ability to deliver advertisements), which specializes in smartphones and conducts advertising delivery that will increase the effect of advertisers’ advertisements.

  2. 3.Marketing Soltution
    The Group has been providing its customers with a solution service that promotes sales of their products and services, etc. on Gunosy as “Gunosy Platform” since December 2014.

Ever since its establishment, the Company has been developing and operating the Gunosy information curation service based on its corporate philosophy “Optimally deliver information to people around the world.” We strive to create media with high profitability and neutrality by replacing the collection and organization of information with AI technology that includes algorithms, rather than by collecting and organizing it manually. We improve the user interface and the user experience every day based on the user data we have amassed, by aggressively conducting advertising activities and promoting the acquisition of users, as we have done since our founding in November 2012. In November 2013, we began delivering advertisements to monetize them and have since been building a business environment that enables us to invest funds in continuous advertising activities. Today, the Company is working to acquire more users, increase advertising revenue and expand new revenue bases by expanding the areas of information to delivery, not limited to news delivery.


We will make efforts to establish a position as an information platform in smartphones by expanding our service lineup in stages. In addition, taking advantage of our technological expertise in developing algorithms and the operation of highly profitable media that we have developed, we will strive to create more unique services to help resolve social issues.